From the recording DOMESTICATED


I am the modern model of the modern model citizen

But every now and then i have to question what I’m living in

Another day another dollar take it for example

business minded kindness blinded by a need to trample

Now i find myself as unemployment as my lifestyle

Running out of money and I’m livin' like a slob

Can’t get the honeys cause I’m running out of Lifestyles

Don’t think it’s funny cause i can’t get a job

Well i can’t get job cause i can’t afford to work

Got no money for the bus Gus

Let’s discuss if we must the cycle that won’t allow me nothing cousin

Hey i got no loot so i can’t get nice clothes

Got no new clothes so i can’t get no interview

Got no interview so i can’t sell myself

Got no job so i don’t got no wealth

Got no wealth which means no car no house no bar with

No bottles to put on a shelf

Got no money so i can’t get a haircut

Can’t get a haircut so i can’t look nice

Got no cheese so i can’t catch the mice

That don’t even live at my home address

I don’t no dough so i can’t get no bread to bless

I can’t get a job I can’t get a job

I can’t get a job i can’t get a job cause i can’t afford to work

I got no credit cause it takes it to get it

That’s making me dread it so i did

Don’t want a job to define me not till i find me

My dreads will remind me that i’m just a kid

As they did the other day when i went to see the man

Late to the meeting and he didn’t understand

Never on time cause the watch doesn’t ring wear me

Never had time cause it’s just a theory ethereal

like the goddess of material wealth

She can keep it for herself

In a daze through the maze so that you can get a raise

While the suits say who goes who stays

Back to the start lose a turn

Give thanks and praise there are better ways to learn

Thinkin' that you earn should be concerned

Put your soul on hold then it needs to be returned

I can’t get a job I can’t get a job

I can’t get a job i can’t get a job cause i can’t afford to work

I said i can’t get a job cuz i can’t get a reference

I can’t get a reference cuz i don’t have a phone

I can’t get a phone cuz i got no place to put it in

I got no place to put it in cuz I’m without a home

I can’t get housing if I’ve got no history

I can’t get a loan cause I’m always alone

I can’t go to the bank with my nappy nappy dreads

I can’t undo my naps cause i can’t afford a comb

I can’t get a job cause i got no drivers license

and the People there can’t help me cause i got no id

They’re the ones trying to tell me that i got no identity

But they’re the ones working at the f%$king DMV

Aw excuse me as i babble on and on