1. Flowers

From the recording DOMESTICATED


Well I already got to much sh&t i should just be counting my blessing

I’m messing with matches burnt another lesson got learned

So if you tired and your pages just keep turning

You should be paying attention to what this message is concerning

Discerning the difference between the unforeseen obscene and a yearning that's clean

So be careful what you need because the greed will rob you of your power and don’t pick the flowers

I beg you please don’t pick the flowers

You know it’s only just a matter of time

I’m begging you please don’t pick the flowers

She’s only gonna wilt and die oh my

Back up off me and smell the coffee

Cause your the type of style yo babe you lost me

All i try to do is live my life and live it well

A Capricorn with the smooth clientele

And all i try to do is just love ya baby

But your type of style just drives me crazy

The man of the hour the man with the power

And if you don’t mind don’t pick my flower

I’m asking you please don’t pick the flowers

Hey why you always running around domesticating my chickens anyway

I see you lock your church at night

That fear that your burned may take flight

Oh the safety that the cage must bring

Your better off just clipping its wings

yeah that’ll do your possessions possess you

I’m asking you please don’t pick the flowers