1. Run

From the recording DOMESTICATED


I gotta run I gotta run again

I gotta run I gotta run again

I just gotta get out of rehab i just got to get

Need to hide again need a friend again

They’re gonna come after you and make it all end again

You been had again by the Vatican

Uncle Sam is gonna come take your dad again

Like a cast away you better go away

Like Gilligan and Maryann your just a stow away

You think your out to sea but you’re about to see

The Sirens pull you off your path like in the Odyssey

I gotta run I gotta run again

I hear that noise again i hear that voice again

I better get leaving soon it’s true i have no choice again

It’s the time again, to find your mind again

hurry up they’ll give you life without a crime again

My independence day they tried to take away

Lock me up just like an animal to waste away

You’re getting paranoid but damn I am annoyed

The voice just chased me in my head and that i can’t avoid

I gotta run I gotta run again

Born again again, Thank god I’m free again

no asylum in asylum gotta flee again

My gods I’m trapped again, not going back again

what’s that I hear is that salvation on the track again?

I see the light again it’s getting bright again

Is Jesus Christ coming to take away my sin again…