1. Plead Insanity

From the recording DOMESTICATED


The emperor is naked but he swears he wears the clothes

And he’s making the big decisions catching the tiger by his toes

Check out the chicken little dreaming screaming skies are falling down

Where the sound of sanity stops nobody knows

And collectively our minds are getting lost

And i know that being crazy gets you off

So your honor i’m just part of humanity

So then i guess i get to plead insanity

Jah come from the sky and look me in the eye

He say don’t be afraid it’s time to testify

Making me all right so i don’t get left behind

I just make thank the all mighty for giving peace of mind

I’m gonna plead insanity

Sometimes i get so frantic sometimes i’m schizophrenic

how do you sing along with a song that’s so manic

Well on judgement day i was late for my date at the pearly gates

Cause i just couldn’t find transportation

Cramming for the final i took a look at the good book

But I’m afraid i got lost in translation

I said, “god you gotta be kidding me didn’t you see

all of us down here drowning in our vanity?”

The heroes have all been shot and the monkeys are taking over

So i guess we get to plead insanity

Are you programmed to speak?