1. Out Loud

From the recording DOMESTICATED


Sometimes my thoughts go astray and i lose my place

I drift inside outer space and drink up the milky way

You can see a trace of it in my face as i kickback

and relax in a galaxy far far away

but my doctor said “mark, you know you’re f*%$ing crazy

I mean you’re awfully lazy and your purpose on this planets all hazy

If you just kept that receipt you can take brain you bought back

get that train of thought back by eating some over prescribed Prozac”

Doctor, I confess I live in sanity and I’ll be there if you need me

So you should know before greedy HMO tries to bleed me

That your Freudian slip is showing and I know you’ve blown your own treaty

Just give all pills and keep that riot quiet

Keep them safe and warm inside the norm

F%#$k that. I’ll allow the crowd to think that I’m to proud

Excuse me I was just thinking out loud

I think therefore I am a philosopher said one time

Drawing a line between body and mind

But before he asked the damn question everybody was fine

What a crime how fast the dumb ass masses go blind just to pass the time

I think loud therefore I am loud to get the thought out

But back in class my sorry ass got bought out

conformed to the norm of silence within my shell

Educating it’s more like salivating to a Pavlovian bell!

color within the lines mark or you’re not going to pass the course

And what the hell’s that supposed to be

that doesn’t even look like a horse that’s it you get a D minus

Another example of the school boards finest

With so many people around it makes it hard to get it out

It sound like when you found it that you drowned it in your doubt

F%$#k it, I allow the crowd to think that I’m to proud

Cause I’m thinking out loud