1. Mushroom Jazz

From the recording DOMESTICATED


Lead me to the visceral and let me take a drink
I think I think too much lose touch in a blink
But now I got my tribe I like this funky vibe
First wave hits sittin' heavy in my inside
Sin becomes a ritual so offer of thanks and praise
Every daze it’s habitual like a wishing well
Hell, I got a couple of more coins
Welcome to Wookiefoot
I’ll let you throw them in you join

Swing to the mushroom jazz

Silly Simon’s got my number
You know how I know this ? Cause I asked him
Thought I might have just seen him but I passed him by
Better get packed up for the trip
Your slipping and sliding riding on a tide
Of a freaky fun guy

Sittin so concealed in a field full of crap
Stumble through the rubble pick up the mad cap
Now your crunchin and your munchin
Gotta get the god’s flesh going down
You feel it wellin like a wave
To take you to the breakdown

(the breakdown makes my stomach feel a little funny…)

The city’s buzzin' in the lights can quickly bring you down
So you ramble to the forest where there’s nobody else around
If you see a tree fall and it doesn’t make a sound
Don’t get worried it just means that your not there

Through the other side where Time and Space erased
Have placed you face to face with something much greater
Than self or pride or greed