Music (Vault)


Be Fearless and Play (2009)

This is based on a true story. While hiking in the hills of Rishikesh in India, we encountered a holy man who approached with light in his eyes and love in his heart… just beaming with inspiration. He spoke as if he were channeling the divinity ever present in that wonderful country and spoke these words… “Light of sun in the sky sends the message: Be Fearless and Play!” We were fascinated and inspired by his simple but insightful words. When you see the holy man in the video for Out of the Jar 4, that is the actual moment Aimee captured!


[audio:17Wookiefoot-BeFearlessandPlay.mp3|titles=Be Fearless and Play] [audio:18Wookiefoot-AlwaysIs.mp3|titles=Always Is] [audio:19Wookiefoot-AtLast.mp3|titles=At Last] [audio:20Wookiefoot-AllTogether.mp3|titles=All Together]
  1. Be Fearless and Play [Lyrics]
  2. Junk Food [Lyrics]
  3. Monkey See Monkey Do [Lyrics]
  4. Crack in the Dam [Lyrics]
  5. Original Sin [Lyrics]
  6. Always Is [Lyrics]
  7. Don’t Should On Me [Lyrics]
  8. Blue Sky [Lyrics]
  9. At Last [Lyrics]
  10. All Together [Lyrics]
  11. Home Free [Lyrics]
  12. The Thing [Lyrics]
  13. Shade [Lyrics]
  14. What You Mean [Lyrics]
  15. Rumi [Lyrics]
  16. Be Fearless and Play (Acoustic) [Lyrics]

Activate (2006)

This concept CD has been in over three years of of development, discussion, elaboration, and collaboration. It continues the Monkey’s story from DOMESTICATED (our first release), taking him through adventuers in the after life and includes a 20 page story book as the insert of the CD. Please… when you first lsten to this… take some time, get relaxed, run a warm bath, lie down on your favorite couch, or whatever you need to do to get into your happy place, get a GOOD set of headphones or a good stereo, and soak in the whole of it. Think of it as watching a movie instead of just having on background music.


[audio:15WookieFoot-Activate.mp3|titles=Activate] [audio:16WookieFoot-BetheChange.mp3|titles=Be the Change] [audio:13WookieFoot-StPeterandtheSerpent.mp3|titles=St. Peter and the Serpent] [audio:14WookieFoot-DeadintheEyes.mp3|titles=Dead in the Eyes]
  1. (Intro) [Lyrics]
  2. Think You’re Free [Lyrics]
  3. Crumpled Up Napkin [Lyrics]
  4. St. Peter and the Serpent [Lyrics]
  5. (Shock) [Lyrics]
  6. Dead in the Eyes [Lyrics]
  7. (Denial) [Lyrics]
  8. All Good [Lyrics]
  9. (Anger) [Lyrics]
  10. The Bitter End [Lyrics]
  11. Bargaining) [Lyrics]
  12. (Depression) [Lyrics]
  13. Welcome Home [Lyrics]
  14. (Acceptance )[Lyrics]
  15. Third Side of the Coin [Lyrics]
  16. Activate [Lyrics]
  17. (The End Again) [Lyrics]
  18. Monkey on a String [Lyrics]
  19. Be the Change [Lyrics]
  20. Guantanamo [Lyrics]
  21. Move Over Now [Lyrics]
  22. From the Sun [Lyrics]
  23. Save Money – Kill Time [Lyrics]
  24. Words In My Mouth [Lyrics]
  25. Further Down [Lyrics]
  26. (Yellow #5) [Lyrics]
  27. How am I not Myself? [Lyrics]
  28. Taking Boy [Lyrics]
  29. (Rumi) [Lyrics]
  30. Outtakes [Lyrics]
  31. Let Go [Lyrics]

Out of the Jar (2003)

Costa Rica, Rumi, surfing, travel, struggle, community, political insanity…its all in there. We’re very proud of this record and we hope that everyone enjoys it. The title comes from a parable (also a scientific truth) of how when you capture a few flies in a jar using a little honey as bait, they will fly around for a while trying to escape but soon give up. If you later remove the lid, they still will not fly out of the jar as their own minds prevent them from believing they can be free! Get out of the jar my friends!


[audio:09Wookiefoot-TheFrogandtheScorpion.mp3|titles=The Frog and the Scorpion] [audio:10Wookiefoot-ThisisNotaTest.mp3|titles=This is not a Test] [audio:11Wookiefoot-Backbone.mp3|titles=Backbone] [audio:12Wookiefoot-PutitDown.mp3|titles=Put it Down]
  1. Muerte y Sueños [Lyrics]
  2. The Frog & The Scorpion [Lyrics]
  3. This is Not a Test [Lyrics]
  4. So Right Here [Lyrics]
  5. Let Her Go [Lyrics]
  6. Out of the Jar [Lyrics]
  7. She Sells [Lyrics]
  8. Don’t Listen [Lyrics]
  9. Kegger [Lyrics]
  10. Not All There Myself [Lyrics]
  11. Ambition Less [Lyrics]
  12. The Snake Catcher [Lyrics]
  13. Backbone [Lyrics]
  14. Put it Down [Lyrics]
  15. •∋∇× [Lyrics]
  16. Wild in the Fields [Lyrics]
  17. Cruise [Lyrics]
  18. Wrong Note [Lyrics]
  19. Bonus [Lyrics]

Make Belief (2001)

The Bri Bri tribe has an analogy: “If a frog is thrown into a pot of boiling water he will jump out! But if he is first placed in water of comfort then bought to a boil he will be cooked slowly!” Feel’n the heat we opted for escape, we ‘unplugged’ and moved onto a sailboat for independence. It wasn’t until leaving the country that we realized exactly how lethal the water had become. We returned on a mission: Get the biggest, loudest microphone we could find and tell other ‘Frogs’ what’s up!


[audio:05Wookiefoot-AllYouCanEat.mp3|titles=All You Can Eat] [audio:06Wookiefoot-Enough.mp3|titles=Enough] [audio:07Wookiefoot-MakeBelieve.mp3|titles=Make Believe] [audio:08Wookiefoot-FallingDownTrying.mp3|titles=Falling Down Trying]
  1. All You Can Eat [Lyrics]
  2. Overboard [Lyrics]
  3. Enough [Lyrics]
  4. Make Relieve [Lyrics]
  5. High is High [Lyrics]
  6. All the Kings Horses [Lyrics]
  7. Not Sees [Lyrics]
  8. OP8 [Lyrics]
  9. Nod My Head [Lyrics]
  10. Falling Down Trying [Lyrics]
  11. John Henry [Lyrics]
  12. Out of My Way [Lyrics]
  13. Roommate [Lyrics]
  14. Get Down [Lyrics]
  15. Ghost in the Machine [Lyrics]

Domesticated (2000)

We immersed ouselves deep in American culture, accumulating a combined 157 years learning the language and studying the moves. The results are a collection of scribblings on napkins, 5,000 incriminating polaroids, and an honest yearning for the answer to it all. Out of this swirling vortex sprung our first almbum, a case study in Domestication entitled ‘Nothing and the Monkey.’


[audio:01Wookiefoot-MushroomJazz.mp3|titles=Mushroom Jazz] [audio:02Wookiefoot-SettleDown.mp3|titles=Settle Down] [audio:03Wookiefoot-HavetoLaugh.mp3|titles=Have to Laugh] [audio:04Wookiefoot-PleadInsanity.mp3|titles=Plead Insanity]
  1. (Intro) [Lyrics]
  2. Grow Up [Lyrics]
  3. Mushroom Jazz [Lyrics]
  4. (Nothing & the Monkey) [Lyrics]
  5. Settle Down [Lyrics]
  6. Mayonnaise [Lyrics]
  7. Bastard of Babylon [Lyrics]
  8. Adrift [Lyrics]
  9. Have to Laugh [Lyrics]
  10. Out Loud [Lyrics]
  11. Plead Insanity [Lyrics]
  12. Spiritual Lies [Lyrics]
  13. Run [Lyrics]
  14. The End [Lyrics]
  15. Flowers [Lyrics]
  16. Can’t get a Job [Lyrics]
  17. Far From Good [Lyrics]
  18. Scream [Lyrics]
  19. The Fog [Lyrics]
  20. Always Right [Lyrics]
  21. (Rumi) [Lyrics]

Side Projects

Murphy’s Empty Shot – Tower of Babel Falls

Murphy’s Empty Shot is a side project of Mark Murphy and other members of WookieFoot. This is a collection of Traditional Irish Drinking songs (as well as a few originals in that style) that Murphy grew up listening to and playing with his older brother. The sound is complete with bag pipes, Uilleann Pipes, violin, banjo, mandolin, and Bodrahn. Best if listened to with a frosty pint!